AV3Perkins has been providing services to developmentally disabled adults since 1896. Residents may have cognitive, emotional, medical, and psychiatric challenges and range in age from 18-65. Our program design is based on our philosophy of valuing each client and resident’s right to independence, satisfying work, family ties, and social/community connections.

Steeped in a tradition and philosophy of providing services in small, home-like settings that reflect a sense of comfort, belonging and individual choice, the design of the residential program offers a clear reflection of this philosophy. The day vocational program offers employment in community-based day services, cleaning service program, laundry service employment, and individual employment options.

The experienced team of staff in both the residential and vocational programs ensures a consistent, positive, and independence-promoting environment for every resident and client. Sustaining an atmosphere of compassion and dignity is our priority. A carefully planned recreational program offers social, physical, and skill-building opportunities for both our residential and day vocational clients. The work of our staff and clients is supported by a strong connection to families. They remain our strongest supporters, advocates, and friends.

Enjoy learning more about our services and contact us if you would like a tour or simply want to talk about an individual’s needs.

“The residents always put a smile on my face, and I feel very supported in my work here. The team is cohesive and I value that. Working at Perkins is not work, it’s a career.”

– Mary Ciampaglia, Vocational Job Coach