Community Programs

Rein in a Dream

Rein in a DreamCommunity Programs is one of our community programs located at our premier therapeutic horsemanship center and accredited by PATH International; the national association for therapeutic horsemanship programs throughout the United States and abroad. Rein in a Dream is proud of its long-standing affiliation with PATH International having been a premier center for over 20 years.
Rein in a Dream provides services to many children and adults starting at two years of age. Most participants have varying degrees of psychological, behavioral, cognitive, or physical challenges. This community program’s focus is on the students connecting with the animals in a holistic way and in a stable nurturing environment. Developing a connection with animals has been proven to be very useful and effective in reaching children and adults with various trauma, mental health and intellectual challenges. Incorporating animals in a therapeutic setting increases self-esteem and confidence; enhances communication and social skills; improves strength, coordination, and flexibility; and fosters empathy and compassion.

Circle of Learning

Community Programs As part of our Circle of Learning community programs, Perkins’s Asperger Syndrome (AS) professionals help many students with AS go further in their social advancement. As intentionally designed, the program is both constructive and is also fun for participants. Our therapeutic horsemanship center and the small animal program, remain a large part of the Circle of Learning program. Children enjoy caring for small animals, working with therapy dogs, and interacting with miniature horses, all of which have a powerful positive impact on AS kids’ self-confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork skills. Other activity blocks are as follows: scavenger hunts, wiffle ball, kickball, swimming, social skills games, art, Lego™ construction, and nature discovery. Circle of Learning follows a well-defined schedule, activity-based time blocks and clear rules of conduct.