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Fall Session Starting Soon

A summer of memorable moments!

Here at Rein in a Dream our summer has been about filling the barn with new arrivals. First, we welcomed Duchess, a splendid black mare. She’s in training and we hope she’ll be ready for lessons this fall. She and Mambo have become good friends.

We’re excited about our two baby goats. They’re still with their mom, but soon they’ll be weaned and join Blackberry in his crib. Next, a couple of bunnies came our way, Nibbles and Pumpkin. As well, two friendly guinea pigs now live in our Activity Room, while Penguin the cat roams (and lounges) freely. Last, Cherie brought a group of ponies to her own barn to observe as possible members of the RIAD herd.

This fall our Critter Care and Animals + Art classes will feature our old friends plus all new arrivals. Enclosed is a registration packet for the Fall Session with information on our classes and important forms.

We hope to see you this September!

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 Session Dates


Tuesday, September 4 –
Saturday, December 15

15 weeks


Sunday December 16 –
Saturday, December 22

1 week

Due Date

Registration and Payment

Aug 24, 2018

Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Riding
Ages 4 and up

Private  Hour

The focus of therapeutic riding is to improve physical strength, flexibility, and cognitive abilities as well as communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. Because the movement of the horse mimics the human gait, research indicates that riders will often show development in muscle strength, coordination, balance, postural alignment, increased range of motion as well as improved speech. The powerful connection to the horse is often a motivator to complete therapeutic activities/exercises on horseback.  Participants must complete an assessment lesson.

Therapeutic Horsemanship
Ages 6 AND UP
Private 1 Hour
Semi-Private 1 Hour

In addition to building riding skills, participants learn how to safely work with horses as they develop and build a mutually beneficial relationship with our herd. Mounted and un-mounted instruction is provided. Topics include appropriate horse handling, grooming, tacking, equine behaviors, and safety along with learning building blocks of riding. Lessons include activities that meet the specific therapeutic needs of the participant. Participants must complete an independent riding skills assessment. Semi-private lessons require instructor approval.

Recreational Horsemanship
Ages 6 and up

Private 1 Hour
Semi-Private 1 Hour

Participants are introduced to the building blocks of riding while developing strong horsemanship. Traditional riding skills are taught based on English, western, dressage, and natural horsemanship disciplines. Participants are involved in the entire experience including un-mounted activities, grooming, tacking and caring for their horse after the lesson. Lessons are taught in a non-competitive environment. Beginner to Intermediate. Semi-private lessons require instructor approval. Participants must demonstrate that lesson support is not required.

Critter Care
Ages 5 and up

Private 1 Hour
Semi-Private 1 Hour

This program focuses on teaching responsibility and compassion through learning about and interacting with our herd of horses, small farm animals and nature.  The curriculum includes activities that teach the fundamentals of good character; kindness, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and integrity. Participants enjoy opportunities to work directly with small farm animals including Nigerian goats, miniature horses, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and a therapy dog.

Minis and Me
Ages 3-5
4 Students
1 Hour


While working with the miniature horses, children engage in interactive games and activities to develop and practice: sequencing skills; letter and number recognition; and listening and communication. Children also learn about safety, body awareness, and develop fine motor skills. This program is un-mounted and must have 4 participants enrolled to offer.

Animals + Art
Ages 5-7
4-6 Students
1.5 Hours


During this class, your child will engage in critter-inspired art projects using a variety of media. Lessons include time getting to know and observe our friendly ponies, horses, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, sheep, goat, and chickens. Our barnyard is a great place to get inspired! All students will be encouraged to add their favorite artwork to display in our Summer Art Show.

Job Skills Development
Ages 16-22
3-4 Students 

1.5 Hours

This program provides participants with the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic and to learn appropriate job-related skills, including time management, reporting to a supervisor, appropriate interactions with co-workers and job productivity. Participant enrollment must be approved. Please contact the Program Director for additional information. This program is un-mounted and must have 3 participants enrolled to offer.

Ages 8-11
4-6 Students
1.5 Hours
Wed 3-430pm

These classes will help your child develop the science skills of observing and recording the natural world. Lessons include science activities, art, stories, and fun games that incorporate active learning. Students spend quality-time with our animal friends and record observations with drawings and writing. This experience will instill in your child the importance of care, respect and responsibility for all living creatures.

Individual Horsemanship Lesson

Thirty- or sixty-minute lessons consist of one-to-one participant and instructor interaction. Lessons include mounted and/or unmounted activities. Each lesson is designed to meet the specific needs of the student.

Group Horsemanship Lesson

Sixty-minute group lessons consist of two to four students. Participants are carefully placed according to their level of horsemanship skills and individual needs. In addition to learning riding, students are introduced to various horsemanship topics. The group lessons focus on developing sportsmanship and social skills through interactive activities.



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Authorizations and Releases

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Cherie Ansin, Program Director



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Registration Forms

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 Access our Participant Registration Form, and choose Programs
 Find a printable Program Guide including all of our Classes
Learn about our Policies, including Introductory Sessions, Assessment Lessons, Riding Attire, and Weight Limits


 Access the needed Authorizations, including Participant Waiver, Photo Release and Emergency Medical Treatment  Release


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Financial Aid

Need-Based Scholarships are available.
Please contact Program Director Cherie Anson at to request an application.

 About Us

Therapeutic Horsemanship Program

Rein in a Dream is a premier therapeutic horsemanship center, accredited by PATH International; the national association for therapeutic horsemanship programs throughout the United States and abroad. Rein in a Dream is proud of its long-standing affiliation with PATH International having been a premier center for over 20 years.

Rein in a Dream provides services to children and adults starting at two years of age. Most participants have varying degrees of psychological, behavioral, cognitive, or physical challenges. The programs focus on students connecting with the animals in a holistic way in a nurturing environment. Developing a connection with animals has been proven to be very effective in reaching children and adults with various trauma, mental health and intellectual challenges. Incorporating animals in a therapeutic setting increases self-esteem and confidence; enhances communication and social skills; improves strength, coordination, and flexibility; and fosters empathy and compassion.

Rein in a Dream offers innovative community programs year-round, seven days a week. Our programs range from traditional horsemanship to unmounted lessons where students develop empathy as they work with the small animals in our Teaching Kindness Program or learn life skills by participating in the Barn Buddies Program that introduces students to the care and management of farm animals. All of the programs allow for personal growth, improved self-confidence, and gains in self-esteem. Our success is also built on collaborative relationships with schools, community agencies, and other programs where together we tailor programs to meet the specific needs of the students. An example of such a group is our Cowboy Kids curriculum, an innovative program that combines horsemanship lessons with character-trait development. Recreational riding lessons are also offered in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.

The facility is located on 30 acres of farmland abutting lush hay fields, trails and a rambling river. Participants enjoy coming to our warm and welcoming renovated antique barn that is home to horses, ponies and a variety of small farm animals. Our 11,000 square foot indoor riding arena allows for year-round instruction.



 Our Instructors

   Lessons are taught by experienced, proficient and sensitive instructors who have years of equestrian experience. They hold advanced degrees in education, psychology, or equine sciences. The combination of these credentials with long-term equestrian experience enables the instructors to draw upon knowledge and methodologies which enhance the individual learning experience for each student. Instructors hold PATH International certifications and state licenses.