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Celebrating 125 Years

Dear Friends,

This is a special year for Perkins. As we celebrate 125 years of service and build towards a bright future, we continue to be humbled by the importance of our history.

Perkins was founded to educate and raise children with developmental disabilities at a time when society refused to fully include them. As a result, our Lancaster campus has had the great honor of being home to countless people from a very young age through the end of their lives. It has served so many – as a happy home, a school, a vocational training program, and a place of laughter and lifelong friendships.

The lives and legacies of the people who have called Perkins home through generations are testaments to the significance of history and also to the importance of the future. The number and breadth of our programs has expanded greatly over the years, and yet our dedication and determination has not wavered. We must continue to evolve to meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of society today as we also look towards the future tomorrow.

In our 125th year, we have so much to celebrate:
  • Our programs and services are stronger than ever. Nothing has showcased that more than this year when our talented and devoted staff provided care, education, and hope to the children and adults we serve each day of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both staff and residents continue to show extraordinary resolve and resiliency through it all.
  • We’re moving towards a full merger with our affiliate, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, that will almost double the number of people we serve and broaden our work to include children involved in the justice system, another very vulnerable group.
  • We’re building the future on our campus in Lancaster. Construction is underway now for a new middle school, new and upgraded residences, expanded high school, upgraded Behavioral health office, and countless other pieces of an exciting campus development project that will strengthen our programs and pave the way for the future.

Over the years, much has changed and much has also stayed the same. It’s a great privilege to be able to celebrate 125 years of service with our community. Here’s to 125 more and building the future together!

Michael W. Ames, PhD
President & CEO

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