Perkins School – Ambassadors

We would like to recognize and thank our Perkins Ambassadors for their time and support with social and informational events that help to support our school and students.

Mr. Leonard Anctil Mrs. Maegan McCaffrey

Mr. Laurence Morrison

Mr. Ronald Ansin Mr. Joseph Mulé
Mr. Steve Cariglio Ms. Elizabeth Nardone
Ms. Terry Cotton Rep. Harold Naughton, Jr
Ms. Sheila Daly Dr. Theodore Nelson
Ms. Elaine Doherty Mr. William O’Neil, Esq.
Mr. David Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paszko
Sen. Jennifer Flanagan  Mr. and Mrs. R. David Perkins
Mr. William Flynn

Mr. David Frem

Mr. Thomas Rogers
Mr. James Gibbons Ms. Susan Templeton
Mr. James Hastings Mrs. Ara Tyler
Ms. Jane Jacobs Mr. Christopher Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Madden Mr. Thomas Wing
Mr. Costas Malapanis Ms. Robyn Yalian
Mr. David Masiello Ms. Tena Zapantis