Adult Vocational

Day Vocational Services

The Perkins Adult Vocational program includes three carefully designed vocational options. Vocational placements are based on individual needs and abilities. Community-based services, a cleaning service program, laundry service, and employment options provide a variety of vocational opportunities for a wide range of individual functioning.

Community-Based Day Services

This program offers a combination of life skills training in housekeeping, meal preparation and assembly of arts and crafts projects. Periods for recreation and exercise are included in the daily schedule. Clients can utilize the campus pool, the gym, take walks and attend music class. Some clients are able to pursue paid work options. This combined approach of socialization, basic work/life skills development and recreation has been very successful with residents and clients who cannot maintain attention for long periods of time and need to strengthen their physical stamina and social skills. We maintain a 1:4 staff to client ratio, enabling us to address each client’s needs.

Housekeeping/Cleaning Services Program

The Perkins Adult Vocational programThe housekeeping program offers skill training and employment opportunities. Many of the residents and clients are referred to us through the MA Department of Developmental Services. They develop specific skills including cleaning and maintaining office areas, removing and recycling trash, sweeping and washing floors, vacuuming, and dusting. In the process, they also learn appropriate work-related skills and begin to appreciate a work ethic and experience increased pride in their contribution to the team. Most clients will begin by working in the Barlow apartment building on our “Clean Team,” and then gradually use their skills at community-based work sites including area merchants and organizations. Ultimately, the goal is to enable those clients who gain a sufficient skill base to transfer these experiences into competitive employment in the community.

The Perkins Adult Vocational programLaundry Services

The adult vocational program operates a commercial laundry which serves the needs of the Perkins campus. Clients learn how to sort, wash, dry, fold and package laundry. As with our housekeeping program, clients are provided the opportunity and training to practice the skills necessary to gain competitive employment in the community in a commercial laundry setting.

“The residents always put a smile on my face, and I feel very supported in my work here. The team is cohesive and I value that. Working at Perkins is not work, it’s a career.”

– Mary Ciampaglia, Vocational Job Coach