Recreational Services

recreational servicesProviding meaningful social and recreational services is very important at Perkins. Residents and clients need to experience activities that bring them enjoyment and satisfaction. Both our residential and work programs regularly schedule social and recreational activities. Clients may attend dances, art classes, theater, skiing, or other activities as dictated by personal interest. Our clients assist with the planning and execution of recreational and social events.


recreational servicesEach person living in the Barlow apartment community located in Clinton, Massachusetts is allowed to pursue personal interests, in addition to enjoying group participation with their friends from the residence, day program, and the community at large. We place great value on helping clients and residents take advantage of our recreational services as well as develop and sustain friendships.



“I like being at Barlow. There are always lots of activities, and when I work at Pappas, I get to help others. I feel like I’m part of a family – it’s a real community.”

– Joey F., Age 23