Perkins Awarded $3,000 to expand Mental Health Series


Pictured from left to right: Paul Richard, Executive Director, The Shine Initiative; Michael W. Ames, Chief Executive Officer, Perkins; Kerry Flathers, Director of Organizational Development, Perkins and Edward Manzi Jr., Chairman and CEO at Fidelity Bank.

May is Mental Health Month.  As part of Mental Health Month, the SHINE Initiative, run through Fidelity Bank, awarded Perkins a $3,000 grant.

Perkins will use the money to offer a second installment of the Perkins Partners in Mental Health series to parents, caregivers, teachers, healthcare professionals and others who have an interest in child, adolescent, and young adult mental health. “We received excellent feedback on the quality of speakers and exchange of much-needed information from those who attended our first Perkins Partners in Mental Series. I am delighted that The SHINE Initiative supports us in this effort again this year with this generous grant,” Kerry Flathers, Director of Organizational Advancement said.

The $3,000 check was awarded to Perkins on Monday, May 2 during a reception hosted by the Fidelity Bank in Leominster. Perkins was among a select group of 13 community organizations who were awarded grants to continue to perform their good works for the sake of the children. To learn more about the award reception click here.