Anxious Child? Dr. Phoebe Moore Helps

Dr. Moore awaits questions

Dr. Phoebe Moore speaks on anxiety and worry in teens.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where simply sitting in the wrong row of an auditorium can cause your heart rate to rise and your palms to sweat? Have you ever felt the need to run from a room or escape from an elevator due to a fear that you may or may not be able to identify? If so, you have experienced anxiety.

Dr. Phoebe Moore spoke extensively on worry and anxiety on Wednesday night, October 14, through a talk called “Worry and Anxiety in Children.”  Phoebe is the second speaker in a three-part series on mental health being held at Perkins this fall.  Phoebe addressed true vs. real fears in kids, how to best handle an anxious child and what a child may need from you – the parent, teacher or caregiver – when faced with such problems.

One thing that was clear throughout the evening? Laughter truly is the best medicine. Just when the audience would get deeply involved in a topic that was difficult to discuss, Phoebe, would tell a joke or use a pun that would break the tension. This also serves as a great way to deal with anxiety in children.

Anxious? Dr. Moore has answers.

Dr. Phoebe Moore addresses her audience.

The program, which was very interactive, drew a crowd of about 90. Phoebe taught through storytelling often using examples from her own experiences – something the crowd greatly appreciated. Kerry Flathers, Director of Organizational Advancement at Perkins, had the opportunity to introduce the evening’s speaker and said “The great attendance at this session speaks to the number of parents and educators who are caring for children with anxiety issues. Dr. Moore’s style and use of personal examples in raising her own children made for a very comfortable exchange among attendees.”

At the conclusion of the program, it was clear how well received the series has been as many were overheard saying how helpful this would be when dealing with children in their care. Elizabeth Madden, a Perkins Ambassador said, “Dr. Moore was excellent and provided some great information.”