CFO Doug Reid Speaks With Agency Leaders About Starting New Programs

On Thursday, May 21, 2015, Perkins CFO Doug Reid, spoke to a group of staff members from area Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools (maaps) agencies on the topic of starting new programs and services. The two-hour interactive workshop included discussion on topics such as finances, fundraising, planning, and physical plant issues. Doug cited several of his experiences during the construction of the Perkins Janeway Educational Center where solid planning involving staff from education, facilities and technology produced a state of art facility.

In addition to board and employee support, the value of community involvement was raised.  Engaging neighbors, local officials, and area leaders in the early stages is important to the smooth jump start a new project. Giving back to the local community is one of the many ways Perkins has achieved strong relationships with community members as well as those who might offer financial support for a new program through donations.

Doug’s 30 years of service in the chief financial officer role positions him as an expert in new program development. He is often sought out for consultation from his peers in the special education and human services industries. “It was a pleasure to spend the morning with such a veteran group of leaders,” said Reid. “The commitment on the part of all attendees to use agency resources carefully in challenging economic times was clear during discussions.”

Doug has been instrumental in working closely with Dr. Charles Conroy, Perkins Executive Director, in expanding programs and services at the Lancaster Campus as well as our Barlow location and the nearby Russell E. O’Connell Administration building. We are delighted to be a resource to others who join Perkins in bettering the lives of others.

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