Connected, Capable, Healthy

Dear friends,

Millions of children and adults are affected by mental health challenges annually. The unprecedented year we have come through has sent those numbers skyrocketing across all age groups. Isolation, family economic struggles, a scary disease spreading rapidly and unpredictably, and loss on so many fronts made existing mental health conditions worse and triggered new cases of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

At Perkins, this trend is unmistakable – we have seen a surge in referrals across our programs as pandemic restrictions have begun to lift and children return to their classrooms. Not only do we know the work that needs to be done, we know how to do it. And we remain committed to providing the essential tools that each of our students and program participants need in order to be:

Connected within their relationships and communities
Capable of pursuing their goals, learning and building skills, and believing in themselves
and their abilities and;
Healthy socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically

Will you partner with us today to help ensure that each and every person we serve has the chance to reach their full potential? With your help, we are building the future by investing in high-impact initiatives that address complex mental health challenges, as well as learning and living challenges. With your investment in Perkins, you are helping to make possible:

• New and Upgraded Facilities to Meet Changing Needs – our multi-year, multi-phase
capital improvement plan will help our students to be academically and emotionally
• Educational Technology Improvements – interactive technology like SMART Boards,
learning tablets, and educational apps transform the learning experience for students and
provide the 21st century tools they require to be successful.
Rein in a Dream (RIAD) Therapeutic Services – serving both Perkins students and local
residents, as well as participants from the surrounding communities, our premier
therapeutic horsemanship program has a transformative impact on many program
• Adult Employment and Vocational Education – we are rebuilding employment
opportunities and welcoming back our vocational clients, providing fulfilling and purposeful
• And More!

Please know that your gift to Perkins today will make a difference for children and adults that are too often overlooked, whose strengths may not be immediately apparent but who can achieve so much when they are recognized, supported, and nurtured. Please join with us to make this possible and to change lives for the better.

Thank you for being an important part of our community and best wishes for a healthy, safe summer.

Michael W. Ames, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer