Dr. Hallowell – Presentation Provided Connections

It is believed that the one thing most humans want out of life is to feel that they belong. Human beings crave connections – they want to be linked with others whether it is through a relationship, idea or commonality. All people at heart want to believe that someone in the big wide world sees them, and understands what makes them tick.

With an audience of close to 90, Dr. Edward Hallowell spoke extensively about connections at Perkins on Tuesday, September 15, through a presentation called,” When You Worry about the Child You Love: Emotional and Learning Problems in Children.” Hallowell spoke about the four key feelings: mad, sad, afraid and confused. His belief is that if we can find a way to connect child to adult, child to child and/or adult to adult, we can better deal with many of those feelings and bring everyone closer to a common goal of understanding.

Dr. Hallowell offered several great tips and techniques that can be implemented with little time or effort. He explained that family traditions help to strengthen our feelings of connectedness. Hallowell stressed that parents of children with challenges may find it helpful to connect with each other whether it be through an online group or in person. Many minds are often better able to solve a problem than one so reaching out to one another is key.

Dr. Kate Engelhardt, DACCP of Corrective Chiropractic in Lancaster agreed with many of Hallowell’s points and said, “A great program tonight! I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Hallowell speak several years ago at a chiropractic conference. I took away some great information tonight to share and it was nice to hear an ADHD expert discuss many points we are already sharing with parents. “

At the end of Dr. Hallowell’s talk refreshments were served in the dining room. The engaged buzz in the room suggested that attendee’s took to heart the message and were already swarming to each other in search of connections. The networking and exchanging of information in the dining room was apparent.

Rose Solar, a guidance counselor at Clinton High School, offered her feedback about the presentation. Not only did she enjoy the presentation but took some of her favorite pieces back to the office the next day. “Thank you for holding this event! He was fantastic! I have used the word connection and talked about connectedness to every student that has been in my office today,” Solar wrote.

Proof positive that at heart it’s all about seeing each other.

Dr. Edward Hallowell takes questions from the crowd.

Putting Hallowell’s talk into practice, the crowd mingles

Participants chat after Hallowell’s talk


Dr. Michael Ames, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, CEO meets Dr. Hallowell