Holiday Book Brought to Life

As the season draws closer with each tick of the clock many are reminded of Christmases past, looking forward to the Christmas of the present – or is it presents – and dreaming about the future. Janeway’s freshmen, having just read A Christmas Carol, were treated to a day at the Hanover Theater yesterday to watch Dicken’s classic come to life.

The freshmen, along with a senior class and several teachers, had the opportunity to go into Worcester to see the stage play. According to teacher Rick Cande, A Christmas Carol is required reading for all ninth graders. This year, the teachers decided it would be fun to treat the kids to a production of the book they just read and analyzed.

“The students were most amazed by the special effects used when the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future appeared on stage,” Rick said. “This was the first year we saw the book come to life on stage.”

Many will remember the timeless classic in which Ebenezer Scrooge refuses to celebrate Christmas. He is visited by three ghosts who work to help him reclaim his lost Christmas spirit. It may seem a simple story, but for a book published in 1843 it still packs a walloping punch for most that see it.

The book, according to Five Lessons from Scrooge, actually teaches the joy of starting over – something any human who has lived more than a few years can understand. It also acknowledges the need to listen – for it is in listening that we will truly begin to learn. Scrooge also learns, from his nephew, that by refusing to join in the Christmas merriment, only he loses.  There are many life lessons buried in the text and based on the reaction of the Perkins students, it seems they felt every one. “They all joined in for the standing ovation at the end,” Rick said.