Clutching his favorite blanket and curled under a pumpkin the size of a pony, Linus Van Pelt of Peanuts fame was discovered cam on horse compressedasleep in the pumpkin patch located behind the barn during the Perkins Rein in a Dream fall festival held last Sunday. Both Linus and his great pumpkin were said to be in perfect condition and unsure what all the fuss was about when over 200 attendees discovered him over and over again in the course of the day.

The fall festival – an annual fund-raising event for Rein in a Dream has become a popular community event. Aside from finding Linus, the biggest hit of the day was the costume parade, according to Cherie. The Trick-or-Treat trail – a walking loop around the barn that was filled with decorations and candy for the pedestrians that were brave enough to traverse the trail – was a close second.

“The costume parade is always a great hit,” Cherie said. “It’s a great opportunity to get the community together to experience our animals. Our horses were bomb proof and so great as they walked out to the pumpkin patch over and over again past the grills, the games, the activity area and the baking table. Horses often spook and these guys just put their heads down and did their jobs cow kids compressed (1)– costumes and all.”

After the excitement of finding Linus subsided, families had the opportunity to enjoy the delectable fare provided by Perkins’ food services team. The hamburgers and the chili were both huge hits as was the face painting and the games. “This is just good old fashioned family fun,” Cherie said. It is non-competitive, non-gore and held primarily outside.”

Inside sources tell us that Linus was just as thrilled about the success of the day as Cherie as he was not looking forward to spending another night lost out in the great pumpkin patch – especially since the temperatures were expected to dip into the low 30’s. “How lucky are we that the rain ended early leaving us with the perfect fall day,” Cherie said.

“I would like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing animals, the staff and the volunteers who made this happen,” Cherie said. “Our animals were terrific to every person they carried on their backs and everyone involved was super helpful.  I would also like to molly compressedthank the numerous organizations that contributed items to the raffles and the silent auction.”

At day’s end, the horses were tired, Linus was warm and dry, the great pumpkin was found, the chili pot was empty and many kids went home with painted faces, clutching a hard won prize, a vision of a horse in their mind’s eye and smiling – success all around.