Meet Naomi

Naomi, who recently graduated from the Doctor Franklin Perkins School (DFPS), came to us initially because she was out of options. After attending many other schools and experiencing bullying and isolation, she began refusing to attend school to avoid hurt and anxiety. Her guidance counselors and father knew they needed a special place for her as her isolation and detachment grew.

Supported by her clinician at Perkins, Naomi worked hard and ultimately empowered herself through her own unique therapeutic treatment plan. Through her school counseling sessions, Naomi learned to communicate with a trusted adult and how to solve her own problems.

Inspired by her own journey, Naomi started a club that spreads positivity in a meaningful, lasting way – The Perkins Kindness Club. She used her leadership in Perkins’ Kindness Club to galvanize other students to spread kindness across campus and beyond. When feelings of insecurity and self-doubt flared, she developed the ability to change her response and communicate her concerns and worries instead of shutting down and falling off track.

Today, Naomi is a first-year marketing major in college, earning high marks, becoming involved in Jewish celebrations to help her overcome years of religious bullying, and working on launching a Kindness Club on her college campus. Perkins is here for people like Naomi, in helping them to overcome mental health, developmental disabilities, or learning challenges.

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