Moving On Up


(Left to right): Assistant teacher Samantha, Student Yasmin and Teacher Sylvia.

Twenty-two of Perkins eighth graders walked into the next chapter of their lives today as they graduated from middle school and prepared to move up to the high school. As part of the ceremony, all were awarded a certificate that spoke to who they were to their teachers and how they will be remembered. One young man will be remembered for his coiffed hair, A young lady for her ability to make her teachers laugh. Awards were also given out for the best dancer, the comprehension captain, the inquisitive learner and Encyclopedia Britannica among others.

After the awards were handed out, a few of the students spoke to their fellow classmates noting things they would always remember about their time at Perkins. A common theme was to thank parents, staff and fellow students. One student wanted everyone to know how much she had learned in the eighth grade and how much she had grown. Still others spoke about overcoming challenges and feeling prepared for the future. Director of Education Cindy Wing closed the program saying, “It is amazing to watch you today and see how you have grown and changed. You have all faced your fears and challenges and been successful. We want you to know how proud we are of you, and the things you have overcome. We have watched your incredible journey, and we are so proud.”images