The Doctor Franklin Perkins School has announcedthe 2015 Distinguished Service Award recipients for its annual Recognition Day ceremony.The Recognition Day ceremony, marking the conclusion of the 119th year of operation of the Doctor Franklin Perkins School, will be held under a tent on the Manor Lawn on Saturday, June 27, 2015, at 10 o’clock.  The primary purpose of the day is to recognize Perkins students for their accomplishments and achievements over the course of the last school year.

Gordon B. Lankton, will receive the 2015 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Community Service for his long career of service to the citizens of Clinton and surrounding communities.  “How many times do you meet someone who is both a captain of industry and a Renaissance man?  In Gordon, you find both, and he is an inspiration on both levels,” said Dr. Charles P. Conroy, Executive Director of Perkins. During his tenure as President and then Chairman of the Board of Nypro, Inc., he established the company as one of the largest employers in the region as Nypro grew in international status.  He then founded the Museum of Russian Icons and the Gallery of African Art which has brought art and culture to the area that most would never have had the opportunity to experience.

Dr. David A. Jordan, President and CEO, Seven Hills Foundation, will receive the 2015 Distinguished Services Award in the Field of Human Services.  Dr. Jordan’s career in human services and his dedication and commitment to those served by the Seven Hills Foundation is to be commended.  Under his leadership, Seven Hills has grown to become one of the leading human service providers in the state. The quality of life for so many in the region has been much improved because of his efforts.  “David is a human services entrepreneur par excellence,” said Conroy.  “He has not only transformed Seven Hills, an agency that employs over 3,500 people serving individuals with a variety of challenges, but also has taken on new initiatives including a model global outreach project.”

David R. Masiello, President, R. P. Masiello, Inc., will be honored with the 2015 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Service to Perkins.  R. P. Masiello, Inc. has been responsible for the construction of buildings for the youngest group we serve at the Perkins Child Development Center, the oldest group we serve at Davis Manor Assisted Living, and just about everyone in between.  R. P. Masiello also built the Barlow apartments in Clinton and our state-of-the-art, signature building, the Janeway Education Center.  “David Masiello has been a partner with Perkins as we moved through our growth spurt in the last twenty years,” noted Conroy.  “Few people understand what a diverse agency like Perkins needs on the facilities side of things.  David not only understood but helped us develop the philosophy and a clear direction.”

James Hastings, Principal, Clinton High School, has been selected to receive the 2015 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Education.  His dedication and commitment to education has served as a model for individuals in the field.  As an educator and principal he has truly made an indelible mark on the profession and on thousands of students. “Cue Hastings and his wonderful staff are totally devoted to the optimal, growth, progress and development of Clinton’s adolescents and young adults,” said Conroy.  “We would be fortunate if every town in the Commonwealth could match the dedication evident in Clinton.”

Jan Gottesman, Editor, The ITEM, will receive the 2015 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Community Service.  Jan’s commitment to those served by The ITEM Appeal and her enthusiastic coverage of school and community events in our region is worthy of recognition. Her fair, objective and highest journalistic standards, are a model for us all.  She has been particularly thoughtful in ensuring the success of Perkins students and Perkins community events by including them in The ITEM.  Perkins Director of Organizational Advancement Kerry Flathers noted that, “Jan is a hugely talented journalist who can both report news and comment on local happenings and do both with the highest standards.  She is a gem for our local community.”

The Perkins employee who is honored this year with the 2015 Distinguished Service Award for Service to the Students and Residents of Perkins is Lisa Harrington, Controller.  Lisa is a master administrator and excels at managing the Business Office staff, Human Resources, and Purchasing.  She oversees the monthly financial statement preparation and the annual independent audit efficiently and proficiently. Perkins is indebted to Lisa for her committed service to Perkins students and residents.  Lisa’s supervisor, Perkins CFO Doug Reid, said: “One of the reasons for our success over the years is that at Perkins we provide the highest quality services.  Those we serve also know we do it efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as compassionately.  Lisa has led that effort.”

The Recognition Day ceremony is held each year to honor the accomplishments of Perkins students during the past academic year and to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions in the fields of public or community service, education, and service to students and residents of the Doctor Franklin Perkins School.  For additional information about Perkins or the Recognition Day ceremony, please contact Kerry Flathers at 978-368-6449 or