Perkins Artist Creates Holiday Card Cover

Ben’s artwork

Being creative is a way of life for Ben Allen, a way to express himself and to portray his thoughts on paper.  He was both honored and surprised to discover that his drawing of a winter scene was chosen to be the cover of Perkins holiday card.

“I have always loved art and being creative,” Ben said. “I have been interested in art since I was old enough to draw and I wanted to draw something with inspiration from a feeling I associated with winter – since I knew this was going to be for the holidays.  I thought about words that made me think of the holiday like peace, harmony, warmth, and contentment.”

Ben Allen

Ben noted that once he finds inspiration for his art, he needs to complete the piece quickly while the idea is still fresh in his mind. “My art provides an outlet to express my interests, as well as providing me a way to relax,” Ben said.

When Ben is not drawing, he enjoys painting, sculpting, ceramics, and wood carving. Ben is a junior at Perkins and is interested in pursuing a career in science. In the spring of 2016, Ben had the opportunity to be a part of a science program held at the MIT Whitehead Institute. This program allowed young students with an interest in science to attend lectures on everything from medicine to sustainability and agriculture.

“Ben has enjoyed a number of successes and accomplishments while at Perkins and serving as the artist for the 2017 Perkins holiday card is certainly one of them,” said Kerry Flathers, Director of Organizational Advancement. “He is an impressive and kind young man, humble in regards to his artistic talent, and just a real pleasure to work with on this project. We thank him for helping us share our holiday message with  families, employees, supporters and business partners.”