Perkins Child Development Center Celebrates 8 Years of Quality Services to Families

Eight years ago this month Perkins Child Development Center (CDC) opened its’ doors for business. This state-of-the-art facility has provided quality childcare for close to 300 children six weeks to five years of age since its inception. The Child Development Center believes that children learn best through child-centered play and Perkins staff has worked hard to provide an exciting and engaging environment across all three age groups – infant, toddler and preschool.

According to Director of the CDC Pamela Bernard, all three classrooms are play-oriented. “Here, we allow children to freely explore, make choices and we honor their curiosity,” she said. “Our goal is to have them thinking independently and problem solving on their own by the time they reach preschool, but we see the beginnings of that much earlier.”

The CDC curriculum is based on the understanding of developmentally appropriate practice which acknowledges that children learn best through play. “Play is the work of the child,” Bernard said. Trust is also essential; particularly in a curriculum that allows a child to work independently and make choices. “Relationships are the foundation of what we do, Bernard said. “We have had great relationships with the families and the children that we have served. It really has become an extended family.”

The CDC employs 12 teachers in their 5,820 square feet facility. The five classrooms are spotless, spacious and full of bright and colorful toys for cdc kids compressedplay and exploration. Families can access the Center with a coded keypad at the entryway adding to their sense of safety, but Bernard believes safety comes from consistency. “Most of my teachers – 7 of 12 – have been here since we opened, she said. “We have very low turnover in a field that often sees high turnover. I believe our teachers’ longevity and commitment has impacted the quality of our care, and the quality of our care is reflected in our success.”

With most all families seeking some form of childcare for their young ones, Perkins Child Development Center is helping children to grow, but more importantly the center is helping parents as they strive for a work/life balance. “As a first time mom, I thought the prospect of going back to work and finding caring, trustworthy and developmentally focused child care was daunting,” parent Erin Casali said. “However, from the very beginning, the wonderful staff at Perkins has always made my husband and me feel comfortable and made my transition back to work so much smoother than I expected it to be. The staff demonstrates on a daily basis that they care about my daughter which makes it easier for me to be confident in her welfare while in their care.”

Perkins CDC is now accepting applications. For more information visit or call Pamela Bernard at 978-368-6455.