Perkins Harvest Fest – A Fun Friday!

cindy halloween compressedThe sound of howling laughter was in the air as students happily scrambled from one event to the other during Perkins sharon halloween compressedHarvest Fest fun day held on Friday for students at the Doctor Franklin Perkins School. The students were given the opportunity to enjoy a smattering of activities designed to teach through play and burn energy.

Eleven stations were set up around campus for the kids to enjoy. With everything from square dancing to pumpkin tossing the kids were encouraged to work together to solve problems, be creative, throw balls with pumpkin faces and enjoy great snacks. Each student also had a chance to mingle with the furry creatures from Rein in a Dream’s critter care class at the animal station and play Minute-to-Win-it in the gym.

Not to miss a chance to entertain their students, the education staff came dressed for the occasion. The Janeway staff worked together and dressed as characters from Dr. Seuss complete with Cindy Wing as Cindy Lou Who, Sharon Lowry as the Cat in the Hat and various staff as 15things. As they walked around campus, it was clear that the kids enjoyed seeing their favorite adults sporting great costumes. Some even square danced.


After burning off pent up energy square dancing – much fun to watch teenagers pair up and learn a reel – the kids were treated to a movie in the auditorium, a boxed lunch and Trick-or-Treating around campus. They also enjoyed watching a ghoulish parade full of ghosts and goblins hailing from the Lancaster schools. Students also had the opportunity to try the goodies provided by BESTT on their stop at the Snack Shack – undoubtedly one of the most anticipated stops of the day.

The Building Educational Success Through Transitions Program (BESTT) – a vocational program for those aged 18-22 – runs the Snack Shack five days a week and serves chocolate chip cookies, muffins, a variety of coffee, breakfast sandwiches and other assorted treats. The students enjoyed the opportunity to mingle in the Snack Shack with their peers while enjoying rice krispy squares and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Eating a donut off of a string at the basketball courts made for much laughter.

As part of their rotations students also had the chance to peruse the 17 scarecrows that had been designed and created by individuals, teachers orwizard compressed classes and vote for their favorite. Otis was a guitar playing hippie and Sir Cumference was a pumpkin being hugged by a dinosaur. Snoopy was also represented.

Thank you to our education team for a great day!