Perkins Partners in Mental Health Series

Free Mental Health Series kicked off by Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D.
The stigma associated with mental illness leaves many parents, educators, caregivers and professionals unaware of mental health issues as they develop or unwilling to seek treatment due to a fear of being labeled. Perkins and The SHINE Initiative are teaming up to bring much-needed information to our communities. You can become a partner in battling the stigma associated with mental illness through
education. We invite you to attend one or more of these informative sessions.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 6pm to 8pm

Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D –When You Worry About the Child You Love: Emotional and Learning Problems in Children
Based on Dr. Hallowell’s book of the same title, this presentation explores the various kinds of problems
children may contend with that have a biological or genetic basis. These problems are organized into four
categories: Mad, Sad, Afraid, and Confused. An internationally recognized speaker and renowned ADHD
expert, Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist and founder of The Hallowell Centers
in New York and Boston.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 6pm to 8pm

Phoebe S. Moore, Ph.D. – Worry and Anxiety in Children and Teens

This presentation, which is designed for parents, teachers, and coaches, covers the topic of worry and
anxiety in kids and teens. We will review normal developmental anxieties and how to tell when a child’s
anxious symptoms or behaviors require attention or treatment. We will also discuss parenting strategies
for anxious kids and self-care for parents and teachers caring for anxious youth. Phoebe S. Moore, Ph.D., is
an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at UMass Medical School. She directs the Pediatric
Anxiety and OCD Clinic at the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (CANDO) at
UMass Memorial Medical Center.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 6pm to 8pm

Barent Walsh, Ph.D. – Parenting Teens: When Is It Time to Seek Help?

Raising teens can be challenging. Parents often question if they are overreacting or not doing enough.
When does adolescent behavior cross the line and become cause for concern? When does adolescent
experimentation become a dysfunctional response to life stressors? This informal presentation will review
the phases of normal adolescent development and identify risk behaviors that indicate more serious
problems. How to seek help, when necessary, will be addressed. The presenter, Barent Walsh, Ph.D., has
been a therapist with teens for 40 years and is an internationally recognized expert on self-harm behaviors.

While the sessions are free, we ask that you register by e-mail to or call

978-365-7376 during regular business hours (8:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday).

Parking is plentiful but seating is limited, so please be sure to register!
Presentations offered FREE at:
Perkins Janeway Educational Center, 975 Main Street, Lancaster, MA