Perkins Promotes Living Well

Perkins cares about their people. So much so that the Perkins developed a Living Well Wellness Committee to help their employees stay on top of their health-based goals proving a strong commitment to the health and wellness of their employees, caregivers and families.  The Perkins Living Well Wellness Committee was created when Chief Financial Officer Doug Reid suggested the agency join forces with Fred C. Church, a brokerage based in Lowell, to assure that Perkins employees are given all of the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of the committee is to plan, promote and implement programs to help employees stay fit and learn to eat right.

Our mission statement reads, “The living well program promotes a positive, productive work environment, and supports a culture that is focused on living wellimproving the quality of life for all employees,” Chairperson Deb Dawson said. “We work hard to offer a variety of programs throughout the year to make sure we are fulfilling our mission statement and keeping our employees happy and healthy.”

One of the most popular programs is the January fitness challenge. “We have had as many as 55 people participate,” Deb said. “We break the participants up into groups of 5 or 6 and they compete with each other over the course of 12 weeks in the areas of weight loss and fitness. “Competition among co-workers is great,” Deb said. “It keeps people motivated and it’s comical to hear people joking with each other about their daily fitness routine to assure their team is on track.”

The Living Well Wellness Committee, which began in 2011, is now home to 8 dedicated employees. “We meet the second Tuesday of every month to brainstorm ideas for programming that would engage people and get them excited,” Deb said.  Aside from the most popular January fitness program, Perkins employees have also had the opportunity to try Zumba, water aerobics and a Fall into Fitness Step Program. All of these programs take place on campus making it easy for employees to either arrive early or stay late for their daily shift to fit in their workout.

Perkins wellness committee is committed to maintaining wellness rather than treating illness. There is never any guarantee, but the belief is that if you eat well and get regular exercise, the odds of feeling good are better – a win for both the employees and the company. “Our ultimate goal is to improve people’s health,” Deb said. “The fact is that folks just feel better if they are active and eating well. We want to promote that thinking both on the job and at home.” Perkins knows that a happy employee is a productive employee, and that fact makes everyone feel better.