Perkins Students Blossom on Stage

The lights came down and the blooms went up both literally – onto the ceiling in pictures, and figuratively, as one by one we watched Perkins students blossom into talented artists. Some are singers, some dance and others write poetry and take pictures. Others are talented musicians. One thing they all have in common is a comfort on the stage that leads to great performances.

The show opened with the “Star Spangled Banner” performed by Princess, Kinley, Dan, Robert and Quinn and rapidly moved into other areas of art. Throughout the afternoon there were several pop songs performed by a variety of students, but one student chose to go the classical route and perform Mozart’s Sonata in E Minor, K.304 on her violin. Jasmine has often performed on the Perkins’ stage, but to perform a piece of that magnitude requires dedication and commitment to her art.

Rick Cande and Bill Carrier provided accompaniment for the performers when needed. Mario – who the announcer, Stacey Gaudet, described as, “always rocking our world” is a popular Perkins performer. His electric guitar solo  “Anastasia” got the house rockin’ to the beat. This piece, which segued directly into a full-band performance piece of “In the End” complete with singers, is a well-known song among the teen crowd.

There was also a short film called Dolphin Adventures created by Kaelin that was an animated short film, and a photo slide show created by Brett that showcased photos he had taken of Army memorabilia.

Day Clinician, Erin Chetwynd, proved that it is not only Perkins students that have talent, but staff as well. Her performance of “Wild Mountain Thyme” was reminiscent of an old Irish ballad and was performed flawlessly.

Perhaps the most moving piece of the day was a ballet performed by some of Perkins younger students and teacher Tanya K to the song “More Friend Than You Know.” This was a ballet that started with three young ladies folded into themselves on the floor. They gradually, one dance move at a time, opened up to reach to the sky. Based on the reaction of the audience the piece clearly explained how flowers and people shine when given a chance to reach towards the light.

Arts-in-Bloom takes place every spring at Perkins and is the culmination of a years’ worth of art and music education. The students audition for a part in the show. Many thanks to Bill Carrier, Rick Cande, Stacey Gaudet, Nancy Johnson, Luanne McGrath, Scott Calhoun and Ali Petro and Peter Carlson for an amazing show.