Perkins Welcomes 10 New Trustees and Bids Farewell to Two

Since September of this year, Doctor Franklin Perkins School (Perkins) has appointed 10 new Trustees through their affiliation agreement with Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps and their Annual Meeting on Friday, November 20, 2020.

As part of the affiliation agreement with RFK Children’s Action Corps that took effect September 1st, eight Trustees from the RFK Children’s Action Corps Board also joined the Perkins Board. Those Trustees are:

  • John J. Boyle, III, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Emma Carpenter, VP America’s Service Providers, Palo Alto Networks
  • Michael F. Connolly, JD, Partner, Rubin and Rudman, LLP
  • James E. Geraghty, Member Advisor, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
  • Leslie E. Harris, JD, Juvenile Court Judge, Retired
  • Penny Outlaw, Chief Human Resources Officer, Partners in Health
  • Stephen H. Peck, Senior Vice President, Brown & Brown of Massachusetts
  • Linda M. Williams, Senior VP & Chief Underwriter, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA

And on Friday, November 20th, at Perkins’ Annual Meeting – held virtually this year – two additional Trustees were added. Mary Ritter, Chief Strategy and Government Programs Officer at Fallon Health and James Leary, Vice President of Government and Community Relations at UMass Memorial Health Care. In addition, Suzanne Frisch, Esq, was re-appointed to Chair the Board of Trustees, James E. Geraghty to Vice Chair, Jennifer F. Luisa to Treasurer, and Jennifer Flanagan, MS, to Secretary.

“We’re thrilled to be growing the Board as we also grow the organization and our impact. The individuals joining the Board, many of whom have already been very involved, each bring important skills and expertise to the work we do at Perkins” said Suzanne Frisch, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “I cannot wait to see what the next year holds as we bring Perkins and RFK Children Action Corps fully together and plan for the future.”

Also as part of the recent Annual Meeting, Perkins bid farewell to two longtime Trustees, Trix Oakley and Chris Philbin. “Both Trix and Chris have been exceptional Trustees and ambassadors for Perkins. They are people with whom I’ve been able to plan for the future and process challenges as they arose. We will miss you greatly, though I know you will both find ways to stay involved,” said Michael W. Ames, President & CEO of Perkins and RFK Children’s Action Corps. 

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Perkins Annual Meeting Held November 20, 2020
Pictured left to right:
(Row 1) Michael W. Ames, Mary Ritter, Carol Francolini Mueller, Donald A. Lowe
(Row 2) Hon. Leslie E. Harris, James E. Geraghty, Michael F. Connolly, Trix Oakley
(Row 3) James Leary, Philip J. Muscatello, Chuck Hughes, Emma Carpenter
(Row 4) Peter R. Stanton, Suzanne Frisch, Jennifer F. Luisa, Stephen H. Peck
(Row 5) Linda M. Williams, Dr. Leslie Shelton, Jennifer Flanagan, Stanley B. Starr
(Row 6) Dana M. Hollinshead, John J. Boyle, Penny Outlaw