Ronald Ansin Offers Challenge Grant to Rein in a Dream

Ron Ansin, long-time champion of Perkins and our Rein in a Dream (RIAD) Horsemanship Center recently announced his most generous intent to donate $12,500 to RIAD. In an effort to galvanize support for the program, Mr. Ansin is making his donation contingent upon the agency raising an additional $12,500: a 1:1 challenge grant.


Mr. Ansin ardently believes in the power of animal assisted therapy and Rein in a Dream’s positive effects on children and adults. For that reason, he’s created this exciting opportunity for the program to raise $25,000. By making a contribution to Perkins’s RIAD, donors can help us to address a variety of needs including the following:

  • Establish a scholarship fund. A scholarship fund will allow access to RIAD for all participants who can benefit from animal assisted therapy, regardless of their families’ financial capacity
  • Increase in program accessibility. With the addition of adaptive riding equipment and other programmatic enhancements, we can expand services to include new populations of riders.

Any contribution is welcome in helping to make our $12,500 goal a reality. Donations can be made online HERE or by sending check made out to Rein In A Dream, Perkins, 971 Main Street, Lancaster, MA 01523. To learn more about our Rein in a Dream program please visit our website at: Rein in a Dream.