Snowman Selfie Graces Card Cover

It’s all the rage to cram as many people as possible into a small space for the sole purpose of snapping a photo, but to see two snowmen smiling at a selfie stick on an artfully created card is bound to cause some giggles. Think about it.  What snowman wouldn’t want to document his short life on Earth before melting into a puddle? Think how this could have benefitted Frosty. Darielle – A freshman at the Doctor Franklin Perkins School pictured the image described above in her very imaginative head and reproduced it on Perkins’ holiday card.

“I have been drawing my whole life,” Darielle said. “I like to take selifes so I thought it would be fun to re-create that on a card. I didn’t want to do holiday card compressedanything boring. I knew right away what I was going to do.” Darielle is well known at the girls program for her artistic ability, and is often asked to create art for the residential home or to draw things for other people.  “When we were asked for the name of our most artistic resident it was obvious to all of us who we would choose,“ Program Coordinator for the girls program Stephanie Bailey said. “Darielle is always our go to artist.”

The holiday card was drawn free-hand using colored pencils, “Tracing ruins your ability to do art and be creative,” Darielle said. When not creating cards, Darielle often works on a larger scale. Her favorite art project is creating three dimensional people. “I like to make actual people out of paper,” she said. “They are 3-D and stand on their own. I use myself as the model, and sometimes I put them (the paper people) in my bed or stand them up in my room. They are awesome.”

The snowman selfie is pretty awesome too, and Darielle is excited to know that her art will be going to so many different places as the cards travel from Perkins and out to their destinations. Watch for Darielle’s card on Perkins’s social media pages or in the mail during the month of December, and don’t forget to take a selfie with her beautiful card cover so you can be a part of our snowman selfie album. Send your card selfie to