Solar Project Kicks Off at Perkins

We are pleased to announce that the solar installation work began on the Janeway building last week. It is expected the bulk of the project will be completed this week while the students are on vacation. The renewable energy system, being installed by Hudson, Mass.-based New England Clean Energy, is projected to deliver electricity savings of more than $580,000 over 25 years – a huge benefit for Perkins bottom line. “We are thrilled to be able to save money and lower our environmental impact solar signby installing solar,” Perkins Chief Executive Officer Michael Ames said. “We are incredibly grateful to New England Clean Energy and Technology Credit Corporation for partnering with us to make this possible.”

The new solar system – which will take approximately 3 weeks to install – consists of 354 SunPower 327-watt panels covering most of the 236-foot-long, south-facing roof of the Janeway building. The system also has SolarEdge inverters with optimizers under each panel, Unirac rail and EcoFasten mounting hardware. All of this will translate to an attractive system that will offer significant savings.

The reduction of carbon dioxide from fossil-fueled electricity that Perkins will offer due to installing solar is the equivalent of taking 22 cars off the road for a year, or the carbon absorption of more than 87 acres of trees. This translates into a happier environment for future generations – something Perkins feels strongly about.

Perkins solar layout

Perkins Solar Layout

The solar panels will also be used as part of the science and math curriculum for our students. “We will have a monitor installed in Janeway that provides a constant read of the solar activity, storage and use,” explained Education Director Cindy Wing. “This data will be used in our math classes for the high school and our science programs relating to weather and earth sciences for the elementary, middle and high school courses. “

Trustee Stan Starr said, “I’m pleased to have played an active role in helping to bring solar energy to our Campus. This undertaking provides a substantial step in making our facility a more earth friendly site and also offers an opportunity for our students to work the solar enterprise into the School’s curriculum.”

Perkins solar project fits in with our mission of continuing to go green for the sake of the future of our students and their peers.