Something Fishy Going On

Submitted photo from the 2016 guppy show

There’s something fishy about to go on at Perkins. We will be the host of the New England Fancy Guppy Association’s (NEFGA) annual International Bowl Show.

The NEFGA is an association of guppy breeders from New England and beyond. Once a month a bowl show is held to show off guppies and learn from more experienced breeders. The culmination of the year’s work is the international show which will be held here on July 14 and 15 and is expected to bring as many as 500 participants through Janeway’s doors. “The guppy club will arrive on Saturday, but our students will be setting up the show on Friday night,” math teacher and organizer Wendy Rock said. “This is serious business. Fish will need to be tagged; water needs to be just right… there are a lot of details.”

Greg Billings – former principal and science teacher at Luther Burbank Middle School, was a driving force in getting Perkins involved in fish. For several years, the show was held at the Luther Burbank Middle School, and now they have passed the baton to us.  Mr. Billings has been supplying fish and equipment to Perkins for the last three years and has worked tirelessly to help our students maintain tanks and fish on campus.

A purple guppy bred at Perkins

Currently, we have 27 tanks. Well known for their calming effect, there are fish in many classrooms and clinicians offices. Along the way, many of our students have learned the ins and outs of maintaining fish and their habitats. Perkins successfully bred a purple guppy in early 2016. You can read more about that here.

“This is an internationally sanctioned show complete with pages of rules and judges,” Wendy said. “Ribbons are awarded to the most successful fish based on many criteria. “This is the first time our kids will have a fish in the show. They will be in the junior division and be entering as a class. We have a total of ten classes entering fish.”

Perkins is excited to be the host of this event and looks forward to the numerous fish that will line the halls of Janeway. All are welcome to attend the event.