Students Enjoy Making African Music

The Around the World in 35 Days school program landed students and staff in Africa this week and there was no better way to experience the culture than through music.  Wednesday, July 30, was a morning full of African Art in Education at Perkins with every student and teacher trying their hand on handmade goat-skinned drums. The master drummer led students on an uplifting journey of working together to create a beautiful sound.  Authentic “djembés and  dundun” were provided for everyone to try. Beautiful beats and tons of smiles filled our gym on Wednesday. African Arts in Education was founded in October, 2012, in Clinton, Massachusetts and collaboratively developed by Crocodile River Music and Clinton’s Gallery of African Art.

staff with drumms  girls with drumms  owner with drums  guy with drum

Copyright 2015    D. Scott Calhoun

Copyright 2015 D. Scott Calhoun