Successful Initiatives Save Money

Going and staying green is an important goal here at Perkins. We have put many initiatives in place over the last several years to reduce our environmental footprint and, in the process, save money. From purchasing environmentally benign cleaning products, switching our ice melt to a biodegradable anti-corrosive calcium magnesium acetate product, to single-stream recycling efforts, we are striving for sustainability across a range of practices.

One of the biggest efforts – aside from our Janeway Solar Panels – has been the installation of LED lighting and variable speed motor controls. “We have made LED lighting upgrades in 11 of our largest buildings, with 70% of all our lighting campus- wide having been converted to LED’s,” Director of Facilities Steve Young said.  “These projects have reduced our electricity usage by a third of a million kilowatt hours per year yielding annual cost savings of nearly $50,000.  LED bulb replacements are required less frequently than fluorescent or incandescent, yielding further environmental and cost benefits.”

The pool has also seen significant upgrades. A new energy efficient dehumidification system and boiler were installed in 2016 replacing ineffective dehumidifiers and an extremely inefficient boiler. The result is a healthier Natatorium environment and reduced energy usage.

“As we consider the initial costs of each of these energy conservation projects, we ask ourselves if we can afford to move forward, but as we consider the long-term energy savings and environmental impact, we realize the right question to be asking is, ‘how can we afford not to?’” Steve said. This is most obvious when looking at the results of the Janeway Solar Project. New England Clean Energy just went live with an update on the success of our Janeway Solar Project. Click here to learn more.