What’s Your Spark?

This morning, seventeen members of the Perkins Senior Leadership Team met to review our strategic planning process along with other agenda items. Perkins Chief Executive Officer, Michael W. Ames, started the meeting with a question to the group – “What’s Your Spark?”

Here are some of the responses from our agency leaders:

“The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues.”

“The hope I have for those we serve.”

“Having kids come back and letting us know that we made a difference in their lives.”Whats-Your-Spark--700x700

“My spark is serving as a role model for our teachers.”

“The healing power of our small animal and equine program.”

“Those donors who support our work.”

“Making sure our employees have all the resources they need to do their jobs well.”

“My spark is seeing kids happy.”

“My spark is the opportunity to problem solve with my co-workers.”

” No two days are the same and there is always good in my day.”

“Taking on key projects.”

“My spark is learning.”

” My spark is great dialogue about our great work.”