Annual Reports and Financials

Annual Reports

The RFK Community Alliance (formerly Perkins) Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of our children and adults during the year. It captures the commitment of our staff and the quality of the programs that benefit those we serve. Our Board, administration, staff, families, donors, and affiliates all play an important role in what makes RFK Community Alliance successful. We enthusiastically share our current and past reports with you.

2021 Annual Report                2020 Annual Report


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Fall 2021 Newsletter
August 2020 Newsletter
Summer 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter
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2021 Financials Audit
2020 Financials Audit
2019 Financials Audit

2020 990_Statement
2019 990 Statement
2018 990 Statement

RFK Community Alliance publishes three years of annual reports, newsletters, audited financials, and 990 statements to its website in order to provide access to accurate information about what the organization does, who it serves, and what its finances are.