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Read what our employees are saying about their work at Perkins.

“I chose to work at Perkins knowing of its great reputation. The staff and residents were so helpful and made me feel like I was part of the team right away. I love my work and I’m confident the individuals I work with have a bright future.” Kerry Murphy, Adult Services, Supervisor

“Being an employee at Perkins has provided me not only with the opportunity to grow as a professional, but through the mentoring of colleagues and day-to-day experiences, it has also made me a more mature, patient, and well-rounded individual.” Ergon Gjika, Clinician.

“I came to Perkins anticipating a great career and I have not been disappointed. Perkins makes an investment in employees through training, supervision, professional development, and recognition. My goal as a program director is to offer the same opportunity to my employees that I received when I started at Perkins.”   Tim O’Day, Program Director

“Having worked here for 20 years, Perkins has become a second family to me. I fully enjoy what I do, and I’m happy to have my talented co-workers beside me every day.” Jennifer Fitzgerald, Controller