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Child Development Center Art Foundation Open House Showcases Wonder

Perkins’s Child Development Center will hold their fifth annual art show on Wednesday, March 2 from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm. “This is a great chance for us to showcase the talent of our students and remind people that March is Youth Art Month,” Director of the Child Development Center Pam Bernard said.  The event is for Child Development Center families as well as Perkins staff, and will reflect many mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and graphic design.

In preparation for the event, each classroom teacher chose an artist for the children to study, and then the kids created their art using a technique called process oriented art to emulate the work of the masters. Process oriented art, according to Pam, is natural for children and focuses on the process of exploring the materials and then creating a one-of-a-kind art piece. This year the students learned about and copied the work of everyone from Michelangelo to Kandinsky.

“These children range in age from 15 months to five years old, and yet they can grasp the basic concept of the art of the master they are studying,” Pam said. “The teachers create a picture of the artist and their work to display along with the children’s work the night of the event so people can see who the kids were using as an example.”

Michelangelo emulator.

Creating her own Sistine Chapel.


This year, 40 child artists will be represented. The youngest kids (15 months to two years old) studied watercolors by Monet, and then created their own. The lie down paintings – taken on by the two to three years old set, is in emulation of Michelangelo. This class lie on their backs and painted a canvas over their heads – a great way to get the feel of what Michelangelo must have felt while painting the Sistine Chapel. The three to four year old classes created textured paintings after studying Van Gough and graphic designs by Mondrian.

Masters in the making.

A group of young artists hard at work.


“The favorite,” Pam said. “Is the splatter painting.” What child wouldn’t be happy about throwing paint at paper? This was taken on by another class of three and four-year-olds in emulation of Jackson Pollack. This is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about art in all of its forms and then use their childlike wonder to create their own masterpieces.

“We wanted to do something to celebrate youth art month and to show the success of process oriented art,” Pam said. “This is a great way to accomplish both goals and share it with a wider audience.”

All of the paintings, upon completion, were matted with the help of the Thinking Globally Acting Locally (TGAL) group led by Perkins Training Coordinator Margaret Hladysz. This student group does work both on campus and off in the name of helping others.  They have participated in many activities including game night with the Barlow adults and helping out at a local soup kitchen.  “TGAL will help us with labeling, matting and hanging the paintings for the show,” Pam said. “Their help makes the process much quicker and easier.”

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