45 Day Evaluation Program

The Doctor Franklin Perkins School offers a 45 day evaluation program which provides school districts the ability to receive extensive professional assessment of a student in a timely manner. The 45 day diagnostic opportunity includes on-campus professional assessments to assist in identifying the current academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of a student. The evaluation program offers a full range of services including: psychological assessment and diagnostic clarification, academic achievement testing, specialty consultations (Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, etc…) and outpatient treatment recommendations. The 45 day evaluation program also affords numerous professionals to informally assess student needs, academically, socially and other, within the educational environment to assist in formulating a comprehensive student profile and areas of needs including treatment recommendations.
For more information regarding the 45 day evaluation program, please contact Mrs. Deanna King, Director of Admissions at: dking@perkinschool.org or by phone: 978- 368- 4904