Perkins provides an exceptional twelve-month educational program to residential and day students in grades K-12 as well as those students needing transitional and pre-vocational services.

We are committed to a learning environment that has an academically-challenging curriculum, a philosophy of teaching that focuses on individual student strengths, and an emphasis on seeing children succeed. We value strong connections with families and work with them to advocate for their child’s educational needs.

Our Academic Program

The Perkins Day Program provides a comprehensive educational and clinical program for 100 children in grades K-12 from 49 surrounding communities.

The academic program offers:

  • Chapter 766 Approved
  • 12-Month Program
  • 1:1 Student/iPad Application
  • Reading and Literacy Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Vocational and Transitional Programs
  • 45 Day Assessment Program
  • Strong Programs in Music, Art, Swimming and Health
  • Before and after school tutoring