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Unsung Hero: Marya Helps the Barn Blossom


Marya gives attention to a goat at the Rein in a Dream barn.

In order for a barn to run successfully, many moving parts need to run smoothly. Although this may seem a simple task, when you add in horses, humans, goats, cats and people, it rapidly becomes clear that without one person in charge, the whole operation could easily fall apart. Happily, Rein in a Dream has Marya DeSanti – an unsung hero who keeps the barn humming in her role as the barn manager. “Without her organizational skill, her willingness to keep the schedules for both people and animals and order the needed supplies, the barn would be a much different place,” Program Director Cherie Ansin said.

Marya was first introduced to horses when she followed her cousin to horseback riding lessons at 10 years old. From there, she never looked back. Today, she holds a MA license in riding instruction and is working towards her PATH certification. Marya has also considered going back to school to become a vet. “My favorite part of this job is the medical care of the animals,” she said. “I help with the rehabilitation process after surgery and regularly give medications. Everyone says I should be a vet, and I would definitely consider it.”

When not caring for sick animals, Marya can be found feeding a goat, running a class or riding. “Riding and training others to ride is one of my biggest passions,” Marya said. “I love to teach children both here at Rein in A Dream and on my own horses at home.”

Outside of her time at Rein in a Dream, Marya can be found at home caring for her three horses. “I have ridden any horse anyone would let me touch since I was 10, so it just made sense that I would one day work for a big equestrian center. “

Prior to coming to Rein in a Dream, Marya had managed other barns and been in charge of other operations noting that management is not new to her, but equestrian therapy is . “This is a totally animal-centered job that is really about the relationship with the animals,” she said.

Marya works with horses every day, and they recognize her voice.

Marya works with horses at the barn daily, and they recognize her voice.

Without Marya’s dedication and commitment to Rein in a Dream, the barn would be a very different place. Her willingness to keep supplies ordered and the animals healthy make her work here invaluable. We appreciate all Marya does to keep Perkins Rein in a Dream program humming along.