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Taste of Wachusett – a Little Sweeter with Bella Cakes

Mouth-watering cupcakes, cherry phosphate from the soda fountain and gluten free treats are but a few of the luscious treats on display at a new Clinton staple known as Bella Cakes. Bella cakes is owned by Kristen Livoti and is located at 1 High Street in Clinton. Kristen is excited to get to know the community through her affiliation with the Taste of Wachusett event. The Taste of Wachusett – the region’s longest running tasting event – will be held on Wednesday, September 28 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Cyprian Keyes in Boylston.


Kristen Livoti shows off her yummy cupcakes!

Prior to coming to Clinton, Bella cakes had been in Marlborough for 8 years. “We closed that store to open this one. “ Kristen said. When asked how she came to be a baker, Kristen explained that she started in school as music major and one day she woke up and decided she wanted a whole new life. “I left music school and the country and flew to Edinburgh Scotland where I learned to cook at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine,” she said.  The school taught more than just baking cakes, but Kristen loved making desserts and puddings so focused on that.

Kristen is excited about coming to the Taste of Wachusett to network with other vendors, and meet community members while serving up her fabulous fall shortcake. “I know I am there to work, but I consider it an evening out too,” she said.

Bella Cakes is most proud of the fact that all of their foods are made with as many naturally sourced ingredients as possible, and they will cater to any allergy – within reason. “We are a peanut and tree nut free establishment,” Kristen said. “We also offer vegan and gluten free alternatives. I cannot promise to accommodate everyone, but I will accommodate any allergy I can.” Bella cakes makes all of their own artisanal ice creams as well as the hot fudge and whipped cream toppings. “Nothing comes from a can, and there are no preservatives in my food,” Kristen said.

One of the most unique aspects of Bella Cakes is the soda fountain. When asked about it, Kristen noted that she had read an article about a Farmacy located at 513 Henry in Brooklyn, and was smitten by the idea of having a store complete with soda jerks –a person who serves and sells soft drinks and ice cream at a soda fountain. “I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling around old fashioned soda fountains,” Kristen said. “I remember going with my mom and enjoying a cherry phosphate. A soda fountain says small town America to me.”

In the future, along with the already popular homemade artisan ice creams, pastries and cupcake treats, Bella Cakes would like to expand and offer a date night with desserts. “I hope to have parties and offer people a bigger place to sit down,” she said. For now, she is happy in her new Clinton home, and looks forward to welcoming the locals at the Taste of Wachusett by doing what she does best – feeding them with love.

To learn more about Bella Cakes or place an order visit BellaCakes.net or call 978-368-9090. Your sweet tooth will be glad you did! To purchase tickets to the Taste of Wachusett event click HERE.