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Award Recipients for June Recognition Ceremony Named

The Doctor Franklin Perkins School has announced the 2016 Distinguished Service Award recipients for its annual Recognition Day ceremony. Marking the conclusion of the 120th year of operation, the ceremony is set for 10 o’clock on Saturday, June 18, 2016 on the Manor Lawn, Main Street, Lancaster. This year awards will be presented to the following individuals:Perkins-Diploma


Chief Edwin H. Burgwinkel, Jr., Lancaster Police Department, will receive the 2016 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Public Service for his career of service to the citizens of Lancaster. During his tenure as a member of the Lancaster Police Department and his newer leadership role as chief, Burgwinkel has continued to endorse the department’s mission which is to promote, preserve, and deliver quality services and to ensure the safety of all members of our community. Dr. Michael W. Ames, Chief Executive Officer of Perkins noted, “Chief Burgwinkel has been committed in working with the school community to ensure the safety and protection of all we serve. He consistently goes above and beyond what he needs to do to provide guidance and support.” Ames continued, “Chief Burgwinkel has been a wonderful partner and we are grateful for his professionalism and leadership.”


Ralph Masiello, will receive the 2016 Distinguished Service Award in the Field of Children’s Literature. Mr. Masiello has spent his 30-year career illustrating and authoring children’s books. He has visited over 2,600 schools to entertain students with anecdotal stories about the creatures he draws. Recalling visits to the school by Masiello, Ames expressed his gratitude saying, “Ralph has brought his amazing work to life for the children at Perkins over the past few years. His ability to inspire our children and provide them with insight into his works of art and talent has been remarkable.” Ames observed, “He is truly an inspiration and has shown such a commitment to our mission of providing children with a rich literary learning environment.”


The Perkins employee who is honored this year with the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Service to the Students and Residents of Perkins is Sharon A. Lowry, MSW, who has committed over two decades of committed service to Perkins students and residents. Sharon has been an assistant program director, a social worker, Director of Day Treatment and is currently the Assistant Director of Education. Director of Education Cindy Wing extoled Ms. Lowry saying, “Sharon has spent her career devoted to student success. She sees a child’s capability and inspires them to not only have goals but to fulfill them. She has a natural gift to motivate others to be their “best selves.” Wing continued, “Sharon sees challenges as opportunities and is beyond optimistic. She has supported children year after year in reaching their true potential. She is an amazing professional.”


Perkins lost a long-time, dedicated staff member and friend–Melissa “Missy” Manza, LICSW in 2016. Her career at Perkins spanned twenty years, during which time she held the positions of direct care staff, supervisor, case manager, clinician, clinical coordinator and, for the last ten years, Director of Perkins Behavioral Health. According to Dr. Ames, in tribute to Missy and the difference she made in the lives of the children and families served at Perkins, a Lifetime Achievement Award will be given in her memory at the ceremony.

The Recognition Day ceremony is held each year to honor the accomplishments of Perkins students during the past academic year and to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions in the fields of public or community service, education, and service to students and residents of the Doctor Franklin Perkins School. For additional information about Perkins or the Recognition Day ceremony, please contact Kerry Flathers at 978-368-6449 or kflathers@perkinschool.org.