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Dedicating the Dr. Charles P. Conroy Auditorium and Speakers Series

Dr. Charles P. Conroy and family.

You know you have left a mark on a place when approximately 120 family, friends, and staff members – past and present –  gather to celebrate the dedication of an auditorium and speakers series that will bear your name. Such is the legacy of Dr. Charles P. Conroy – former Executive Director and CEO of Perkins. The Dr. Charles P. Conroy Auditorium and Speakers Series naming were unveiled during a ceremony held on Sunday, April 30.

The ceremony opened with remarks from Perkins CEO Michael W. Ames, Ph.D. Michael reminded the audience of Dr. Conroy’s commitment that children, adults, and families have access to all of the best services, and beautiful buildings that our campus has to offer. He felt strongly about a unique space that would allow all members of the Perkins community to showcase their performing and speaking talents. Michael said, “On Friday, this auditorium was full… actually overflowing… with students, staff and parents for our annual Arts in Bloom spring celebration. This is a celebration of music, dance, and poetry with our students and staff singing, playing music, dancing and reading poetry, ” Michael explained. “As I watched and listened, I thought about Charlie’s vision and his insistence on building this auditorium as part of the Janeway Education Center. For our students and for Charlie, a cafetorium wasn’t going to be good enough.”  Michael recognized Charlie’s  deep affection for the adult clients that Perkins serves, most of who were here for the entirety of his career and in attendance at this event. As a visual reminder of this dedication, he then introduced a five-minute slideshow that highlighted the variety of ways the auditorium has been used.

(L to R) Trustee Peter Stanton, Trustee Chris Philbin, Ambassador Bill O’Neill, and Trustee Stan Starr

Board member Don Lowe noted how fitting a tribute the auditorium was to his time spent at the helm here. Board member Suzanne Frisch spoke about the speakers series and how appropriate an honor it is given Charlie’s work and his connection to the community.

As the speakers wound down, guests adjourned to the hallway where the unveiling of the newly minted auditorium as the Dr. Charles P. Conroy Auditorium occurred. Dr. Conroy and his granddaughter Maddie worked together to reveal the name hidden under the vinyl covering as the crowd looked on and cheered.

Charlie was thrilled to have the opportunity to share this day with many he had worked alongside for years, “What an amazing day! I am so grateful to our Board of Trustees, CEO, and our devoted Perkins staff,” he said. “The development office staff and assistant to the CEO orchestrated an absolutely flawless event that we all will remember for a long, long time.”

Going forward, the Dr. Charles P. Conroy Speakers Series will highlight topics related to the various programs and services provided by Perkins and are expected to be offered to the public for free. For more information or to make a donation, please visit our website at perkinsprograms.org/conroy-speakers-series or contact Kerry Flathers, Perkins Director of Organizational Advancement, at 978-368-6449 or kflathers@perkinschool.org.