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Young Intern Joins Perkins Kitchen

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates


Katy Diaz joins Perkins Kitchen

Oliver Twist said it best in Dickens famous work of the same name when he sang, “Food glorious food, we’re anxious to try it…” Food invokes many things in many people, but the love of food comes from somewhere different for each of us. For Kathryn (Katy) Diaz, it came from her grandmother.

Katy recently joined the Perkins kitchen team as a 16- hour a week intern. Katy hales from Lancaster, MA and is majoring in dietetics at Eastern Michigan University. She is an online student, so the commute is not as awful as one may have initially surmised. Upon completion of her classwork, Katy will take an exam and become a registered dietitian.

Katy’s love of food began at a very young age at her grandmother’s table. “I wasn’t always interested in food and nutrition, “Katy said. “My grandmother often talked about food and the healing properties it contained. She talked about how food impacted life and the quality of it. She passed away just six months before I was to make a decision about my future. Her death – and her life – greatly influenced me. She was always fascinated by food and nutrition, and now, I am too.”

Katy is in her junior year of the program, and came to Perkins through her food service management class. It is required that students do a hand’s on portion. “I am here to learn all there is to know about food services: ordering, production, cooking, catering and working with the students,” Katy said. “I am really impressed with Perkins. Erin is amazing, and all of the staff I have encountered have been great.”

Ask what her favorite part of the experience has been, and Katy quickly points to her love for working with the culinary students on Monday afternoons. “I have a desire for them to understand food is more than fuel. I want to teach them new ways to substitute without sacrificing flavor, and how to incorporate more fruits and vegetable into everything they cook,” Katy said.

It is well known that many school cafeterias have a bad rap, with lots of hullabaloo about the lack of nutrition and the food being sub par, but Katy feels that Perkins rises above that and creates good quality nutritious food with great flavor. “To me food is life,” Katy said. “It is fuel for your body, a way to bring people together, a great gathering tool and enjoyable.”

When not creating magic in the kitchen, Katy can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband or cooking a fabulous meal.