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Perkins Green Initiative is Strong

Janeway’s solar panels were turned on in November.

Perkins is excited to announce that there is still room for you to join us in saving money on your electricity bill by joining our Nexamp community solar project. To learn more, please click here.

Janeway’s solar panels were turned on in mid-November, and we have seen a savings of 47,000 kWh of electricity since that time. This translates to $6,580. This amount of electricity can power 106,078 light bulbs and saves 54,205 pounds of CO2 emissions.

As part of Perkins ongoing green initiative, we are excited to be a part of these two terrific solar projects, and we are also proud of the fact that we have replaced all but five buildings worth of light bulbs on campus with LED bulbs. The remaining five buildings – one of which is new to us – are expected to be replaced by the end of this fiscal year.