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Larger than Life – Joe Howell is a Big Man on Campus


Joe Howell is a Program Coordinator at White Hall.

Perkins employs many dedicated, hardworking people, and this bi-monthly posting is a chance to give them a shout out. This month’s unsung hero is larger than life both in stature – he stands 6’3” tall – and personality, and Perkins benefits because of his service.  Joe Howell is a Program Coordinator for the White Hall Program, our younger boys program, and someone we are proud to feature.

In high school, Joe was a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. While at Brien McMahon High School, Joe took down a record number 36 rebounds in one game – a record that still stands today – but what Joe really learned on the courts was how much he loved working with others and being a part of a team. “I enjoy working with kids – I always have,” Joe said in a recent interview. “When I was younger, I had an adult step in and mentor me, and I feel strongly about giving back what I can, when I can.”

Joe enjoys working with the residential students at Perkins, and notes that he gets the most joy from seeing them make small changes. “It’s not so much about seeing immense growth, “he says, “It’s about knowing that they tried. Small steps are often the greatest leap forward. It is especially rewarding when they achieve a goal and know that they did it for themselves.”

Listen to Joe talk about why he loves Perkins!

Perkins employs over 300 staff and values the unique backgrounds, skills, and work experiences that each employee brings to their job. “The fact that I can be myself here at Perkins, and know that while my strengths might be different than others, the diversity in those strengths is what makes Perkins a great place to be,” Joe said. “I encourage the boys in my program to be honest,  and to develop trusting and healthy relationships. What I really want is for them to be themselves, and to appreciate their own abilities and unique qualities.”

At the end of the day Joe feels strongly that we all need to own a part of who we become – kids, families, fellow staff – despite the fact that may not always be easy. “I see the glass as half full,” Joe said. “Staying positive always makes life easier. I work with great people here who make it easy to see the glass as half full. I would encourage anyone who wants to make a meaningful difference to consider a job at Perkins in our residential programs.”

When asked for his thoughts about Joe’s work, Assistant Executive Director of Program, Tim Hammond responded. “Joe cares about the success of his coworkers more than his own success. He is a natural in motivating our children and adolescents in taking healthy risks that lead to personal growth. We thank Joe for the impact he has on everyone we serve at Perkins.”