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Renowned Poet, Regie Gibson, Wowed Perkins Students

Quinn Marsh, Dan Lombardy, Regie Gibson and Cindy Wing (far right).

Regie Gibson – an MFA in Creative Writing and a literary performer and educator -took the Perkins auditorium by storm leaving the students asking questions about his success, and commenting on his performance.

Regie, who hails from Mississippi, has had the great privilege of traveling to two continents, seven countries and nearly all of the United States to spread his message through song and story. “Be bold, be brave, be brash, and study and get better. It is important that we, as adults, speak to and listen to young people and explore their ideas,” Regie said. “As adults we need to pass on what we know for the sake of the continuation of the species, but your ideas count too.”

Regie Gibson entertains with song and story.

A deep lover of words, Regie explained to the audience the importance of language and speech and noted that words will make your life what it is to become. “It is words and language that make us unique,” he said. “Language, poetry, music and dance are at the root of what it means to be human. Poetry has taught me that everybody is more than you are looking at. Your goal is to dig down and find the secrets,” he said.

Regie explained to the audience that the secret to success is to be a hiptellectual – this means to be true to where you are from, and aware of where you are going. This combined with the meaning of entrepreneur which Regie defines as “a relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources at hand” will lead you to success.

A former National Poetry Slam Champion, a performer at several TedX events and a Boston Emmy nominee, Regie has performed with and composed text for The Boston City Singers, The Mystic Chorale and the Handel and Haydn Society. The Perkins Diversity Committee was pleased to have the unique opportunity to bring Regie to Perkins to speak.