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Perkins Shows Purple (Guppy) Pride


Perkins first purple guppy.

This past weekend the New England Fancy Guppy Association (NEFGA) held their annual show at the Luther Burbank Middle School in Lancaster. The association has been supplying fish and equipment to Perkins for the last two years to help us to create 17 calming fish tanks around campus. Perkins has also been working tirelessly to create a purple guppy through work in both the math and science classrooms. Read more about the success of that program here.

In a show of solidarity with the NEFGA and the Luther Burbank Middle School, several of Perkins students spent Friday afternoon setting up tables and preparing water for the event. On Saturday and Sunday, Tyler from the Manor spent over 12 hours volunteering at the event. “Tyler was a huge help and represented Perkins as a model student,” Math Teacher Wendy Rock said.