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Rein in A Dream in the News

A Rein in the Dream Instructor with her friend, Piper the horse.

With spring in full bloom, the Rein in a Dream program is in full swing. Recently, the Holden Landmark sent a reporter out, and she had the opportunity to interview a few of our instructors and get a good feel for the program. Please click here to read her full account of this awesome program and then share it with your friends and family.

City to Saddle Joins Rein in a Dream

Imagine having never seen anything larger than a squirrel and finding yourself in a barn surrounded by horses. What do you feel? What are you thinking? What are your initial instincts? These are a few of the many question that students from the Robert F. Kennedy School were asked to answer and experience as theyContinue Reading

Linus Van Pelt, of Peanuts Fame, Found Safe and Sound

Fifty years and Peanuts Linus Van Pelt is still lost in the pumpkin patch. Happily, for Linus, there were numerous ghosts and goblins riding on horseback and walking the Not So Spooky Trail at Rein in a Dream on Sunday in the hopes of rescuing him. “He was rescued well over 150 times,” joked ReinContinue Reading

Record Number of Athletes Recognized

Sportsmanship, camaraderie and team building all culminated last night in the third annual Perkins’ sports banquet. Nine coaches proudly recognized eighty-two participants that played six sports including soccer, basketball, dirt bike riding, softball, horseback riding, and martial arts. “This number represents more athletes than ever before,” Assistant Executive Director for Programs Tim Hammond said. TheContinue Reading

May is Mental Health Month

May is mental health awareness month. To that end, we will be running a series of posts that will hopefully help to build a better understanding of what mental health is, and how to effectively combat the stereotypes. Most of our information has been gleaned directly from Mental Health America. Mental Health America (MHA) – foundedContinue Reading

Unsung Hero: Marya Helps the Barn Blossom

In order for a barn to run successfully, many moving parts need to run smoothly. Although this may seem a simple task, when you add in horses, humans, goats, cats and people, it rapidly becomes clear that without one person in charge, the whole operation could easily fall apart. Happily, Rein in a Dream hasContinue Reading

Horse’s Share the Language of the Soul

Slowly, I make my way around the stall waiting on my newest friend to come by to brush me. I love to have my long mane braided and to smell the soft scent of my quietest friend. Over the years, I’ve learned that some humans can be really loud – often causing me to getContinue Reading