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STEAM Rolls Out All the Stops for Summerfest

As summer days begin to wane, Perkins’ students had the opportunity to display all of the amazing work they had accomplished throughout the summer at our annual Summerfest Celebration held Thursday, August 18. In what can only be described as incredible, a science fair of old was reborn in the Janeway Halls as art work, three-sided poster board projects and bridges built from Popsicle sticks adorned every corner and table.


A collage of some of the student’s work.

The theme for the summer was STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. This theme was carried out over a seven-week period focused on the following topics: electrifying energy, building bridges, terrific technology, wicked weather, amazing animals and plethora of plants.

“I have never seen anything like it,” said Teacher Aide Luanne McGrath –who is also a member of the Back Porch Band which performed under the tent last evening. The Back Porch Band is a six-piece band led by Rick Cande and founded in 1987. “I am always amazed by the kids work, and I love to see the parents here,” she said.

Janet Lincoln noted that the kids have been extremely busy over the summer. “These kids are talented and creative,” she said. This was further evidenced as students performed interpretive dance, Elvis numbers and played the electric guitar.

As parents milled through the halls and enjoyed a barbeque, the students had a chance to let down their hair as they hopped in the bouncy houses or played games like “Minute to Win It.” There was also the opportunity to purchase supplies from the BESTT (Building Educational Success Through Transitions) school store or sample the wares from our Farmer’s Market. The cotton candy was a hit with the sugar loving crowd as oohs and aahs were heard as students licked their fingers clean of the pink sugar.


Card bridges, plants and maps.

These students work hard throughout the summer months as is evidenced by the displays. The bridges made from playing cards were perhaps the most impressive as they looked to be teetering on edge all evening. There were also several displays of wicked weather highlighting lightening, tornadoes and other acts of nature

Several miniature horses’  along with our resident dogs, Breezy and Cooper, were also in attendance offering warm snuggles and soft kisses. These animals were also representing the amazing animals category. During the amazing animals week, students explored the diversity of life by learning how animals are classified. They also learned about the physical characteristics, adaptations, and ways by which they obtain food and oxygen.  Many of the younger students created dioramas and clay animals displaying what they had learned while others participated in a barn group at Rein in a Dream where they had the opportunity to ride a horse.

In addition to classroom work, students participated in a variety of activities including, but not limited to, music, crafts, sports, reading groups and computer design. The art displays, adorning nearly every corridor and table, showed both talent and an understanding of the concept that the students were working on.

Assistant Education Director Sharon Lowry said, “The summer program is learning in its purest form. The kids are immersed in hands on learning throughout the curriculum.  Learning with their hands and minds, it also facilitates team-building and cooperative learning opportunities among students,” she said.

Students will now enjoy a week of summer vacation before starting a full schedule come fall.