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Digging Work and Nailing It


Unsung hero John Hastings keeps Perkins looking great!

In order for any agency to run smoothly, many things need to go on behind the scenes. These necessary tasks often involve dirt, hard work and less than favorable weather. Yet, without the completion of these jobs, life, as we have come to enjoy it, would rapidly fall apart. Perkins employs many of these dedicated, hardworking people, and this bi-monthly posting will be a chance to give them a shout out. We call them our unsung heroes.

When John Hastings was a young man he dreamed of the day when he could finish high school and go off to work – making his own money and gaining the freedom every young man craves. He also wanted an opportunity to work with his hands. Today, John has fulfilled both of those goals, and loves his job as a member of Perkins’ maintenance crew were he serves as a construction worker.

“I have been here for eleven years, and I love that I get to do something different every day,” John said. “Depending on the season we do everything from mowing the lawn, to shoveling the walkways while completing projects in each building and responding to work orders.”

John came to Perkins after having worked here several times as a contractor through another company. “I had done a lot of work at Perkins along the way, and liked the location and the people. When the ad popped up that Perkins was looking for a carpenter, I applied right away, and here I am.”

John’s hiring was a decision that Director of Facilities Steve Young claims was great not only for John, but the agency as well. “John has great judgement. He is so talented and seasoned that I have full confidence in his work. He can go in and assess a situation, tell me what needs to be done and do it. I trust him implicitly. He is humble, amicable, dutiful, and an all-around great guy.”

By now, it should be no shock that John refuses to be called a hero – unsung or otherwise – noting that such a title is reserved for people who put their lives on the line every day. “I am not comfortable with the word hero,” John said. “I do the best I can, and when I am not here I am home with my family.”

The most rewarding part of the job for John is being able to look back on a repair job, and know that he’s made a difference. “I love to see a building looking good, and know I had a part in it. I have been a carpenter for 32 years and I am a big fan of doing my own work both here and at home.

For Perkins, the best part about John is his flexibility. “John will do whatever it takes to work his schedule around the building he is working in,” Steve said. “If he is in the school, and what he is doing will disrupt a classroom, he makes sure to come in around the school’s schedule.”

John is part of the 23 member support services team – 5 in maintenance –who don’t expect recognition. Without this team of people, Perkins would not be the meticulously maintained campus in the country we all love.

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